Sunday, May 28, 2006

NEWS: Help keep discrimination out of the Illinois Constitution

The Illinois “Family” Institute on May 8 turned in an estimated 345,199 signatures to put an advisory referendum on the November ballot to ban gay marriage in the Illinois Constitution – and to outlaw any kind of domestic partnership. Their leader called gay and lesbian families “an infection.”

On May 31, members of PFLAG Oak Park will be helping to fight the referendum by volunteering for Fair Illinois, a group of concerned citizens who are challenging the referendum, by checking for invalid and false signatures submitted.

As Fair Illinois says: "We need to stop this mean-spirited attack on our families. Each of the 345,199 signatures must be checked for validity and compliance with Illinois elections law. Experts tell us that our chances are good, if we have your help, your time and your money."

If you are interested in joining PFLAG Oak Park on May 31, please give us a call. You can also contact Fair Illinois at volunteer @ fairlillinois . org if you are interested in helping out or contributing in any way.