Saturday, June 30, 2007

NEWS: Best-ever bake sale

The June 30 Bake Sale at the Farmer's Market netted PFLAG nearly $900. But that wasn't the only thing that distinguished PFLAG from the crowd. Oak Park PFLAG was the only booth that had, or maybe even has ever had, live flute duets to entice the customers. Thanks go o Karen S. who drafted a fellow student from the Vandercook School of Music to be the other half of the duet.

PFLAG also thanks all the bakers who made so many yummy goodies to sell. We had such a variety that I can't possible even say how many different breads, muffins and cookies we had. There seems to be a demand for whole grain items, which sold out by 9:30, as did the sugar-free things. We sold out of everything by 12:00.

Thanks go to all the people who helped with the set-up and staffing the booth and to Velna as photographer.

The next bake sale is on September 1, Labor Day weekend. By then we should be recovered from our efforts for this one, and ready to go out and see if we can break $1000. Wouldn't that be a great way to end the season?