Monday, October 15, 2007

NEWS: Broadway Youth Center looking for mentor program participants

Speaking at PFLAG Oak Park's recent meeting, Broadway Youth Center's Tony Alvardo Rivera said that the Center has recently begun a mentor program.

The Program seeks to match GLBT youth with GLBT mentors. The process for selecting mentors is carefully designed to choose people who will be healthy models for young people and to avoid even a hint of exploitation of the youth involved. The mentoring is driven largely by what the youth themselves want: help with school, jobs, to see what "older" (e.g. 30 years old) gays and lesbians are like.

Alvarado Rivera, who is the mentor program coordinator, was the advisor for the young Latino Men's group at OPALGA, and together with Aurora Pineda helped the Chicago-area Entre Familia PFLAG En EspaƱol get started.

Alvarado Rivera is interested in finding youth who need mentors as well as GLBT adults who are interested in mentoring. Anyone interested in being either a mentor or in being a mentor should contact him at the Broadway Youth Center at (773) 935 3151 or via e-mail (click on link).